Upper India Zinc Oxide History

Upper India Group was founded in 1959 with its first company establishment in Haryana. The foundation stone of our first manufacturing unit, M/s Upper India Smelting and Refinery Works, was laid by Promoters, erstwhile Partners of the present Management. Since then, we are engaged in the manufacturing of

Zinc Oxide Powder

and have been successfully expanding our business units throughout India.

The following professional bright minds of the industry constitutes the advisory members of the group.

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  1. Mr. Atul Gupta, Managing Director

  2. Mr. Amit Gupta, Director

  3. Mr. Aakarsh Gupta, Director

We are backed by a team of Qualified Production & Quality Personnel & by highly exquisite Quality Equipment’s which enable us to produce any of Zinc Oxide Grade as per Customer’s Demand & Specifications.

We are completely dedicated to the growth of the Zinc Oxide market worldwide and will continue to expand and improve our facilities as the market demands.